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    Audio won't play on 2nd click

    leshanley Level 1

      Guys, I have a problem with my audio...I dont if its really a problem or maybe im doing it wrong.


      here are the details


      I have 4 images  lets call this group1

      1. cover

      2. page 1

      3. page 2

      4. page 3


      and 4 flipped images similar with the 4 images above..like when you are turning a page..lets call this group 2


      Audios (attached to 3 objects)

      1. oval 1..attached audio1 for page 1

      2. oval 2.. attached audio 2 for page 2

      3 oval 3.. attached audio 3 for page 3



      at slide enter.

      group 2 not visible

      group 1 visible

      audios....hide ( in which in advance action OVALS are on hide)



      user clicks on page 1.. cover=hide, flipped cover=show, oval 1=show, fliped cover =show

      click page 2: page 1= hide, flipped page 1=show, oval 2=show, oval 1=hide

      click page 3: flipped page1=hide, flipped page 2= show, oval 3= show, oval 1= hide, oval 2 = hide




      when I click flipped page 2..nature would be this:

      page 2=show, oval 2 = show, oval 1= hide, oval 3, hide, flipped page1= show.


      the audio wond play anymore.. oval 2= show but audio doesnt play. this also same with page 3 and page 1.


      What could be the problem?


      I'm using captivate 5.5


      Thanks Lili for your advance action blog. it made me understand it more better..but I guess I need a little more hehe ( still studying c/o your blog)