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    Newsstand 101


      Hi Bob or John,


      We currently have a multi issue app and every folio is free. We want it to appear in the Apple Newsstand and I have read that we need to change our app to an 'iTunes Subscription'.


      - If we change to the iTunes subscription app, will this still be a multi issue app?

      - Will Apple allow an iTunes Subscription app to be free?

      - Will it appear in Newsstand and will it be free?

      - For users that are not on iOS5, but update to the new 'iTunes Subscription' app, will their previously downloaded issues (folios) still be available?


      Can you please post some information on the forum that will assist with the Newsstand submission and developers that have a free, multi issue app





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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          The short answer is that while Apple allows free apps to appear in the Newsstand, the Adobe Viewer Builder does not yet support free subscriptions.


          To answer your questions:

          - An iTunes subscription app is a type of multi issue app. In fact, you can call it a subscription multi-folio app.

          - Apple allows an iTunes subscription app to be free, but Adobe hasn't worked out the details yet. For subscription apps to work in Newsstand, you must use retail folios at this time.

          - When you change the viewer type from multi-folio to itunes subscription, your customers will be able to view their previously downloaded issues regardless of whether they're on iOS4 or iOS5 (assuming you use all the same information -- App ID, certs, etc.)


          If you want a free viewer app to appear in Newsstand, you'll have to wait a few months (my guess is January) until Adobe implements and tests the feature.

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            minia92 Level 1

            Ok sounds very clear to me now... Many thanks Bob


            Hope it will come soon from Adobe

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              vividi Level 1

              To Bob Bringhurst,



              Sorry to post this again



              But how does this apply to the Free In-App purchases within NewsStand, if someone has already downloaded an older App.


              Users are now required to accept the new Apple terms if they want to download and install any further updates to once free content wil this not effect the Subscription Terms, as folios that were completely free created in iOS 4 could now cost users to be linked into a subscription method to pay for free content that cost nothing but if using Newsstand and iOS 5 may require to be now paid for if the publisher changes his or her subscription method.



              As you said in your above reply Adobe hasn't worked out the details yet for a Free APP Viewer to appear in Newsstand can you shed a bit more light on this subject.







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                Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                What do you mean by "Free In-App purchases within Newsstand"? All in-app purchases require payment. The lowest price (Tier1) is 99 cents.


                This thread is about free subscriptions. You seem to be concerned about people having to pay for a free subscription.


                Until last week, all subscription apps required in-app purchase content. There was no such thing as a free subscription. Now, with Newsstand, Apple introduced a new option In iTunes Connect called "Free Subscription" so that publishers can add free content to Newsstand. As I mentioned, Adobe doesn't support free subscriptions yet. If you want your DPS app to appear in Newsstand at this time, you need to set up in-app purchases for the folios in your subscription viewer.

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                  Michaela Lehr

                  Is it possible to integrate an app into newsstand WITHOUT subscription feature?

                  This does work for me and my developer app right now, as I mentioned in this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/911833?tstart=0

                  but I can't get the my developer app to show the "subscription"-button or the subscription-banners.


                  So I can see my developer App within Newsstand, but without subscription function. Could I submit it as an update to Apple like this?


                  Thanks, Michaela

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                    vividi Level 1

                    To Bob Bringhurst,




                    "You say all In-App purchase's require payment The lowest price (Tier) is 99 cents".



                    What if a publisher has offered an App within the App store as a free download can it be transfered onto the Newsstand subscription Method, will this require a cost for viewers to now download any future content and can this still be considering as offered for free.


                    Maybe It sounds like I'm Penny Pinching (A Term Said Here in the UK ) but Apple are not offering users a way to download updated Apps via the Newsstand subscription method without agreeing to its new terms before downloading any older Apps will this now mean that Apple and its Newstand publishers can now charge for once free content.



                    Newsstand users may like to read this http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/media-lab/mobile-media/148122/apple-expected-to-introdu ce-newsstand-today-at-iphone-5-event/ 


                    also check-out the following link http://www.tuaw.com/2011/09/21/french-papers-team-up-to-oppose-apples-newsstand/