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    Problems with renedring audio

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      I have two wav files. That way my previous soft captures audio from my DV camera - two mono files for each channel (one for left and one right). I need to merge these two wav files into one stereo wav. I placed the files on the timeline in PE into audio1 and audio2 slots. Using the mixer I shift audio1(left) balance to 100% left and audio2 (right) balance to 100% right. Preview is fine. Then I do save (Share) into unompressed stereo wav. Was impressed by the performance - 9 seconds for saving 1hour wav audio. But result is bad ((. Resulting wav left channel is ok, but right channel has about only 20% volume of the left channel volume.  So the stereo result looks like completele shifted to the left channel.

      Any ideas who to work this around?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          How are you judging the audio mix? Are you judging it by the sound that comes out of your speakers? That can be misleading.


          Go to the Window menu in Premiere Elements and open the Audio Mixer. Use it to set and judge the levels of your audio tracks and channels.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also in Audio Mixer, besides the Balance of the two Tracks, is the Volume Slide of the one Panned Right lower, than the other?


            Also, rather than going full 100% on the Balance, I'd limit that to about 80 - 90%, so that you get a little bit of phantom center.


            Maybe post a screen-cap of your Audio Mixer, with the WAV's playing as that might show an issue.


            Good luck,



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              humgate2011 Level 1

              I figured it out. Not sure if it is a bug or just a feature. Anyway here is the solution. PE provides audio tracks of two types: The first one is audio track attached to video track and the second one - standalone (additional audio track). For such task you have to use both audio tracks of standalone type. My fault was using the first type audio track for the left channel audio and the second type audio track for the right channel audio. In such setup PE renders just mono audio result based on audio track attached to video and simply discard audio2 track. If you add both audio tracks to standalone tracks - problem goes away, PE renders exact stereo as supposed to be.