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    Want to add some grid styling in my datagrid


      Hi All ,

                In my datagrid i have a requirement in which when ever i do mouse hovering onto a particular read only data grid a link button should gets appended before that row and also the color of the row should also changed to yellow . till this point i am able to achieve the functionality . After that if i move  mouse to that link button which comes as a pop up on hovering of the current row ,  i want to change the color of the row to blue . i tried with giving selction-color and roll-over-color in the style sheet as per required  . but i am facing a problem whenever i am inside the grid the change of color from hovering to selection is happening fine , but as soon as i move my mouse to that link button ,all the color style removed .  And i am not able to control the style of the row from the event handler of the link button .

      then i tried to give all the style to my grid through the renderer . Have any one of you ever come to achieve such requirement . Kindly help me out. 


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          bucpatr1 Level 2

          I'm not sure what you are trying to do here is possible. As soon as you move the mouse to the pop-up, the row is no longer 'hovered' so it makes sense that any style changes based on being in the 'hovered' state would revert. My suggestion would be to trigger the changes when the row is selected instead. So have an event listener for row selection that sets the row color to yellow, displays the pop-up, and saves a reference to the target row somewhere. Then in the event listener for the link button use the saved reference to the row to change the color to blue.