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    InDesign fails to render "Futura Std Book Oblique" font





      We are facing some issues with the adobe Font Family "Futura Std" [especially Futura Std Book Oblique] font in InDesign.

      InDesign is not able to resolve the "Italic" font style i.e "Futura Std Book Oblique" font.


      please follow the following simple steps to reproduce this issue.

      1. Creat a new InDesign document and select a text tool to enter some text.
      2. Enter some text in text area with font family set to "Times New Roman" (like "Regular Italic Bold BoldItalic") and apply the different font styles to each text (accordingly).
      3. Then select entire text and change the font Family to "Futura Std".
      4. Now you can see that the "Futura Std Book Oblique" font for text "Italic" from the above step is not applied, it is incorrectly interpreted as "Futura Std [Italic]"


      Is this an Adobe InDesign issue (unable to resolve "Times New Roman - Italic"  to "Futura Std - Book Oblique") or the "Futura Std" font issue itself ? can you please provide some more information on, why this particular font is not functioning as expected in Adobe InDesign ?


      Thanks in advance.