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    RoboHelp for HTML not opening HHP files




      I'm working on converting around 20 of HLP files to CHM format at my organization. For most of the files, it was a cakewalk. But I got stuck with 3-4 files. I've the original source and project files of the HLP projects.


      For these 3-4 files, when I open them using RoboHelp for HTML, nothing happens - RH is not able to open the files, no error message is displayed and RH returns backs to the Main Menu.


      If I open these files with RH for Word, I'm able to convert them to CHM format but the links to other CHM files don't work. Or while clicking on link a error message pops-up: "A runtime error has occured. Do you wish to debug?"


      I know there is something very basic that I'm missing here. Any pointers will be appreciated.


      I'm using RH 7.0. I know that's a very old version but that all I got as organization doesn't want to spent money on new licenses just for 3-4 files.