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    session variable modified (not by the code)

    plarts Level 1

      Inserting a captcha decoding,

      I keep the captcha value in session variable for comparison after submit.


      After submit :

      under IE , no problem, the session variable is never changed.

      Under other navigator (chrome, firefox) sometimes the session.variable has changed.

      I looked deeply in the code, the session variable cannot be modified by the code in that process.


      Any idea, any help,

      Thanks, Pierre.

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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          Whenever new tab or browser window is opened, it inherits all exising session information.  User activity in the new tab or window can change the value of session variables in the browswer window/tab that was originally open.


          This might be what is happening to you.

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            plarts Level 1

            This is in the same window.

            this is just a submit to the same file in the same window (or tab).


            I did a cfdump of session at bottom of file.

            I have the capcha value : abcdef (for example)


            When I refresh, at the top of file it display the session variable, and

            it is not anymore : abcdef  (something else)


            This does not happen under IE and Opera.

            It happens only under Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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              plarts Level 1

              I add the final diagnostic,

              unbilievable, but


              The JS menu of the page make a modification of the session variable value displayed and used.

              (JS menu = a complex Javascript Menu)


              If I take out the JS menu, the session variable is good.


              How can we explain that ?


              That problem is only under FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

              Under IE and Opera, all is working well.



              Thanks for any contribution.