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    No sound when playing from timeline


      I just installed the latest CS5.5 on a Snow Leopard hackintosh (dualboot os-x and Win7 64bit - all bought software) and I can´t get sound to work on the timeline in Mac OS-X.


      I´m trying to get this to work with a standard DV25 PAL file (but I´ve also tried default bars+tone).


      • Sound plays back fine in Mac OS-X in Quicktime, VLC and Itunes.
      • Sound plays back fine in the Source window in Premiere


      However, when I try to play back the timeline the audio master meter moves up and down as it should, but I can´t get ANY sound out of the speakers.


      I´ve tried all the audio hardware and mapping settings too without any success.


      Just thought I should ask in here. Any ideas?


      If I route the audio through my Blackmagic Studio card it all works fine.


      Hope to get a clever answer :-)