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    No Online-Help displayed

      I have just newly installed RoboHelp X5 for .NET on my Windows XP, SP2 PC with Opera 9 (default) and Internet Explorer 6 SP2.

      When I click the first or second item in the "Help" menu of RoboHelp, nothing happens . I.e. it looks as if the IE was trying to do something. But nothing is visible on the screen.

      The same behavior I get when I try to test the Context-Sensitive help of a tiny FlashHelp or WebHelp project. Below I describe what I do, perhaps I'm missing something important.

      1. Install RoboHelp X5 Pro.Net
      2. Start RoboHelp
      3. Click the first item in the "Help" menu.

      Just nothing happens. This behavior is true for ALL help that seems to use a browser.
      We have tried on several machines. Always the same nonsense. All PCs except mine use IE as default browser.

      4. Create any Help-Project that relies upon a browser (e.g. WebHelp, FlashHelp). Just two topics. Project name in my case: FlashHelp
      5. Generate the project and press "View Result". The result is displayed in the default browser (Opera 9 in my case). This is (astonishingly) ok.
      6. Create Map-Ids for Context-Sensitive Help for the available topics in the project. Generate project.
      7. Start "CSH-Test", choose the appropriate "FlashHelp.htm" and map-id-file. Press "Show Help".

      Nothing happens. Obviously the Internet Explorer is trying to do something. But you don't see anything on the screen.
      The same utterly disappointing result you get when you create a small C# application (derived from the example installed with RoboHelp).

      By the way:
      If I create a HTML-Help instead of a FlashHelp or WebHelp project everything works as expected, even my own C# application. For HTML-Help there are, however, much cheaper tools than RoboHelp. We want to use FlashHelp.

      I suppose that all this misbehavior comes forth from the same problem.
      And as I can't open the online-help I cannot even try to figure out what could be wrong .

      Thanks a lot for any useful hint.