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    bert ramsey, colorado

    bert ramsey

      how do i get digital edition to reccognize my kobo ereader n416 so i can trans fer the book to the device? the icon for thr device does not show in digital edition so that i can drag the book there to transfer.

      should i reactivate digital edition or kobo? b ramsey cardiffrose@bresnan.net

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          If it's not showing up, then let's backtrack to the beginning.


          First, a disclaimer.  I don't know how advanced you are with computers and

          ereaders, nor do I know what platform you're using.  Sorry in advance if

          you've done all this, but I have to assume nothing.


          From scratch:  if your KOBO reader is new, you need to register it with KOBO

          before you use it with ADE.  Start by attaching it to your computer (let's

          assume Windows) via the USB port, and then wait for the computer to tell you

          that it recognizes the reader.  If it's the first time you're attaching it,

          Windows will display a short message telling you it's found new hardware,

          that it's a generic hard drive (or something like that) and finally that the

          new hardware is ready to use.  You can confirm this by displaying the

          hardware list using the My Computer line displayed by Windows Explorer (NOT

          Internet Explorer).  The reader should show up with a drive letter next to



          Now, go to the KOBO site and follow the directions for registering your

          ereader.  When asked for User ID and password, use your Adobe ID and

          password.  KOBO will write a small file onto the ereader that contains this



          When done, you can exit the KOBO site and open up ADE.  If all is well, ADE

          will show the ereader on the left hand side of the Library View panel, as a

          bookshelf.  If there's a hitch, ADE may ask you to authorize the ereader,

          which you can do right there, and then ADE will show it to you.


          If you've already attached the ereader to your computer once, Windows will

          remember it, and all you have to do is plug it into a USB port.  Be sure

          that you get it up and on-line before you activate ADE.


          With all that said, I'm guessing that you haven't followed the sequence, and

          ADE doesn't know the ereader's there because it was plugged in after you

          activated ADE.


          After you have transferred your ebooks to the ereader, you need to follow a

          certain sequence to shut down.  First, close ADE.  Then, whatch your

          ereader's screen.  It will tell you that it's updating itself with the new

          data, and will tell you when it's done.  Then, before you pull the plug,

          tell Windows you're through with the ereader by ejecting it - either via

          Windows Explorer/My Computer or by using the icon on the system tray, at the

          bottom right hand corner of your screen (Windows XP, Vista).  If you use

          Windows Explorer, right click on the drive letter and choose 'Eject', then

          watch the screen change status: the drive letter will disappear.  If you use

          the icon, you'll see a 'Safely Remove Hardware' message.  Click on that,

          then the drive letter will appear and you can click on it.  You'll see

          another message that says 'Safe To Remove Hardware', and you're done.

          Hope this helps!


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            bert ramsey Level 1

            I appreciate all your help, but none of that worked and digital editions still does not show a device to the left which is paramount to transferring books from the library. I downloaded a book from the library to digital editions months ago before the decline of Borders and could not transfer to kobo because of no icon of a device; however, I had no problem with purchased books, and I suspect the same is true now. But thank you very much.

            bert ramsey

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              As the magician said: it's all in the wrist....


              I'm presuming two things from your latest post.  If you were able to

              transfer purchased ebooks to your KOBO ereader from Borders, then the KOBO

              ereader was attached to your computer, you were on the KOBO website and you

              did not use ADE to do the transfer.  If you did, then the ebook is in the

              ADE library.  Check there and see if it is or not.


              Next, if you did a straight transfer of a purchased ebook to the KOBO

              ereader, and you can't see it in ADE, something is wrong either with the

              sequence of setup or with the authorization of the device.  You have gone

              through the sequence, so I throw it back to the device authorization.  You

              can try a manual 'forced' authorization with ADE, once the device shows up

              as attached to your computer.  I can't remember all the steps, but the

              directions on how to do that are in the HELP section of ADE - just use the

              F1 key when ADE is open, and they'll show up.


              Let's hope that it's just a minor glitch.....