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    lightroom photo galleries and their swf files

    aemilias Level 1

      I have a question about using the photo galleries that lightroom exports in flash catalyst.  what I'm trying to do is use multiple photo galleries for different states in my flash application (www.negativeselfimage.com is the site).  flash catalyst allows you to import as many swfs as you want, but the problem is the gallerydata.xml files, and the images folders, which are different for every gallery I export.  I mucked my way around in flash builder to point to custom folders I built, so each swf file is in its own folder with its own materials.  however, the swf file seems to be looking for gallerydata.xml in an absolute directory. 


      my basic question is, how can I get that swf file to either point to a relative path place (it should still be relatively the same) or allow me to change to where it points to?


      either that, or -- if this seems like the wrong path -- how can I use multiple lightroom swf galleries in one flash catalyst or flash builder application? 


      thanks,  aemilia