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    Delete File?

    dmeN Level 5

      I need to delete a file using AIR (2.7) and keep getting Error #3001: File or directory access denied everytime I try. Same thing using moveTo...


      I believe it's some user rights thing, but not sure what. I have admin rights on the machine - Windows 7.

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          dmeN Level 5

          Here's a super simple test trying to delete a txt file that demonstrates:


          import flash.filesystem.*;


          var targetDir:File = targetDir = new File("c:/");

          var targetFile:File = targetDir.resolvePath("test.txt");




          I get a 3001 every time.

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            dmeN Level 5

            OK, it's a permissions issue. I can either run the app as admin, or give the current user rights to the folder I need to delete in... either way, I got it.