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    Problem with Embedded URL


      I have recently upgraded from Adobe reader 8 to Adobe 10. I generate a pdf report that contains a url link. When I place the mouse over the link the address that it displays when clicked concatenates the text following into the link. So when the browser launches it gives me a page not found error.



      On my report I have a  space for comments.

      Comment 1#: :http://www.google.ca/

      Comment 2#: ZT2462

      Comment 3#: 3-JAN-2011 1-4 ZX545 Flight from Los Angeles to Miami


      When I click the link it tries to go to http://www.google.ca/ZT24623-JAN-2011 as opposed to just http://www.google.ca/


      Has anyone else seen this problem before? I tried opening my pdf with PDF-XChange Viewer and the link works fine. So it seems to be a bug with how Adobe handles embedded URLs.