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    Using Linked Resources/Resource Manager to auto update cross-referenced .htm files

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      I recently upgraded to RoboHelp HTML version 9 primarily because I was told (by Adobe Support) of the addition of a new feature I had been waiting on for quite some time: The ability to have a file used across multiple help projects automatically updated whenever that file was updated in one of the help files. I've since discovered that this functionality is apparenty provided in the form of Linked Resources and the Resource Manager. I've been working with this over the past couple days and am trying (specifically) to set it up so when I update a .htm file (topic) in a given help file, that file will be automatically updated in any other help project in which it resides for cross referencing purposes. Previously, the only way for me to do this was to either manually import the updated version of the topic into all appropriate help projects within RoboHelp or to copy and paste the file into the proper help file directories in Windows Explorer. This had a tendency to be inefficient, clunky, and cumbersome. I have added a category in the Resource Manager called "HTML Documents" and haved specified .htm as the file type to associate with this category. I've set up a couple shared locations for help projects that I know have shared .htm files. I played around with it a bit, making some changes in one of the shared (and I assumed linked) .htm fies in one project then seeing if those changes were added to the other help file and they were not.


      As a result, I'd like to know a couple things.


      1. Does this functionality work with .htm files?

      2. If so, how do I set this up through the Resource Manager and Linked Resources so it works the way I need it to?


      If I can get this to work as described, this would be a tremendous help and a HUGE step forward for me.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.