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    How to use different footnote formats within the same document

    Arthur Cadeaux

      I'm working on a chapter in InDesign CS5.5 that uses a lot of footnotes. The chapter footnotes use the conventional numbering system, 1,2,3,4, etc., throughout. However, there is also a sidebar in the chapter, and we want to use symbols instead of numbering for its footnotes.


      The text box is separate from the chapter text, but when I tried to change the footnote formatting to symbols for just the sidebar using the Type > Document Footnote Options menu, the footnote formats for the entire chapter changed also.  I don't see an option for changing the formatting within just one section.


      I've looked on the forum for a solution, and some have suggested using nested styles, but I'm not certain how that would work in this case. Is there a menu option I've overlooked, or can someone walk me through how to set up a nested style for footnote formatting?


      Your help is greatly appreciated.