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    Premier Elements 10 install/uninstall problems (including upgrades)

    DalePh Level 1

      Unfortunately, Premier elements 10.0 has several installer bugs as it relates to machines wiht previous versions of Premier Elements installed.


      1. It doesn't upgrade the old version of Premier Elements. Doesn't notice. Doesn't tell you. Doesn't warn up of the upcoming problems.

      2. If you later choose to uninstall the older version of PE, then that PE corrupts the install of PE 10. Just for starters, the premier element (prel) files are no longer associated with Premier Elements.

      3. If you then choose to re-install or do a "repair" install of PE 10...you can't. Adobe doesn't have that. 5 years after its possible. Do you have to completely uninstall PE 10 and then reinstall it.


      I am having a horrible first day experience with Premier elements 10.


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          rdnelson Level 2

          Premier Elements has never 'upgraded' older versions of the software.  You can have many versions of the software installed at the same time.  Just make sure you are not using the different versions of the software at the same time.


          You can re-associate the .prel files if the association is lost. Go into control panel, programs, default programs, and associate a file type or protocol with a program.

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            Install_Guru Adobe Employee

            Premiere Elements has never supported "upgraded" older version of software feature. As far as your corrupt PRE 10 issue(after uninstallation) is concerned, could you please elaborate on what exact problems you are facing after uninstallation of PRE 9. I have tried on my end and I am able to successfully launch PRE 10  after uninstallation of PRE 9.


            Thanks & Regards,

            Gaurav Gupta

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              DalePh Level 1

              Manual reassociation for many situatioins is:

              * difficult for users

              * only partially successful, leaving some associations undone and the intention of the original PE10 installation incomplete or out-of-spec which can result in difficult to track future bugs/problems

              * masks the tru problem, sloppy install/uninstall


              I don't recommend re-association. The problem lies squarely with the documentation team and the installation procedure

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                DalePh Level 1

                Helo Install_Guru. I believe you misread my post. I never said in my post that you couldn't launch PE10. Instead here are the repro steps and behaviors:



                Lenovo T61 laptop w/ T7700 core 2 duo, 8gb ram, 300gb hd

                Windows 7 Ultimate x64 sp1 with all current windows updates

                Microsoft Security Essentials

                Premier Elements 8.0 (with the incremental PE8 update installated)



                1. purchase PE10 upgrade from the Adobe online store and download the two files (exe and 7z) using the alternate method
                2. Run the exe. After it decompresses, check to allow it to launch the installer
                3. Proceed to have PE10 installed in US-English. Provide the serial number when prompted.
                4. Reboot if needed
                5. Verify that PE10 runs. It did successfully for me.
                6. Using control panel, uninstall PE8. Choose for it to uninstalled dependent software
                7. Reboot if needed
                8. Try to open a premier elements project file



                Fail. Windows has no association for the file and prompts you to search the internet



                PE10 to open the project


                Continued repro:

                9. Go to windows control panel to repair the install

                10. Select PE10. Click uninstall/change



                Prompts me to uninstall PE10.



                Have a selection to repair or uninstall the install. Repairs are a technology available for many years now. Also helps customers when they don't have the install media nearby.


                Continued repro:

                11. Run the setup via the 2 files downloaded from the Adobe store.

                12. Select to launch the setup



                Prompts me to uninstall PE10



                Have a selection to repair or uninstall. Sometimes vendors can have more options using the install media, yet there is still only the uninstall option.


                Continued repro:

                13. Choose to uninstall PE10. Note, that the deregister text in the uninstall is vague as it applies to this repro case of re-installing

                14. reboot if needed

                15. Using original two files from adobe store, start the setup

                16. Run the setup via the 2 files downloaded from the Adobe store.

                17. Select to launch the setup

                18. Proceed to have PE10 installed in US-English. Provide the serial number when prompted.

                19. Reboot if needed

                20. Verify that PE10 runs. It did successfully for me.



                • The customer (me) was never prompted to read the README file. In fact, it is rather hard to know one even exists. You have to manually open the folder created on your desktop (by the 2 file decomp process) and within it open the readme folder and with it find the filename that you can understand. In short, a user will never read the README file because they are not prompted during the setup. Instead, the Adobe Store 2 file setup process guides me with the steps to not read me by the default of Launch Setup, hiding it two folders down on the desktop, etc.
                • The README file has a section on Compatibility with other versions of PE. Hurrah! However, the content in that section is poor. Sad.
                • The README file says, "You can have previous versions of Adobe Premiere Elements installed on your computer, but do not run them simultaneously." When I read this, it implies that if I somehow installed PE10 on my computer while a previous one was installed, then I can never ("do not run them simltaneously") use that previous again or something bad happens. If this is true, then don't allow PE10 to install while a previousl version is installed. Halt the PE installer giving that reason. However, if that README note means that I can run PE10 and PE8 (for example) on the same computer but I just can't have both processes open and running at the same time, then the README file needs to be more explicit in the warning. As it is not, it is too vague. Be explicit and generous with your wording.
                • The README file has no warnings of what happens when PE8 (for example) is uninstalled after PE10 was installed. If this is not a tested or supported scenario, then write that in your README file. If it is tested and supported, then you have the bug I documented above in the repro.
                • In step 3 of the repro above, I strongly suggest you detect any previous install of PE and warn the user. Allow the user to see the README file *right then* so they can make an informed choice. Tell the user that there are uninstall problems and that they will need to fix it up or do the 30+ minute uninstall/install procedure I had to do.


                I hope that this can provide you some insight.


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                  Install_Guru Adobe Employee

                  Hi Dale,


                  We apologize for the incovenience caused to you due to file association issue. We are able to reproduce this issue at our end. We are taking up this issue to get it fixed in Premiere Elements 11. I believe you have resolved this issue fo your scenario by re-installing PRE10.


                  In case you still have any issue in your current scenario, please follow any one of the below mentioned workaround.


                  Workaround 1: Manually associate file type


                  Steps: -

                      1. Open Default Programs by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Default Programs

                      2.  Click Associate a file type or protocol with a program.

                      3.  Click the file type or protocol that you want the program to act as the default for.

                      4.  Click Change program.

                      5.  Click the program that you want to use as the default for the file type you selected, or click the arrow next to

                           Other   Programs to show additional programs. (If you don't see Other Programs, or your program
                       is not listed,

                           click Browse to find the program you want to use, and then click Open

                      6.  Click OK

                  Workaround 2: Uninstall and again Install PRE 10.(as we have not supported Repair feature due to multiple complexities associated with it).

                  Thanks & Regards,


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                    Hi Gurav, workaround one will not/does not work given the nature of the stated problem, so there is only one work around, to uninstal previous version and v 10 and then reinstal v 10 - very unpleasant having no loaded version, time consuming and very disappointing!