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    Optimizing Warp Stabilizer processing time

    Robbie75VR Level 1

      I just want to share my experience with the warp stabilizer and ask if you have other ideas to make warp stabilizer works faster.


      If some of you knows anyway to makes analysis faster please share it.



      So far I tried two different memory/ram settings:


      Mode 1:

      AE memory setup 1.JPG


      Mode 2:

      AE memory setup 2.JPG


      Analysis takes the same time with both settings but render to file took less than 1/5 with setting shown in mode 2.


      If you work your shaky clips in Premiere, replacing them with AE composition, I notice that it takes much less time to render the stabilized clip in AE to a new file and then manually replace it in premiere timeline than rendering the preview in premiere. Lot of difference in time.


      Please share any experience related