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    ID 5.5 to ID 5 - Mac to PC?

    DirkWilliams Level 1

      I work in InDesign 5 on a Mac. Not planing to upgrade to ID 5.5. The person that I work with on publishing books wants to get InDesign 5.5, Windows. If he sends me an ID 5.5 file, will I have any problems or lose anything opening it on my ID 5?


      I did find this web page talking about ID5.5 to ID 5:




      But it does not address Mac to PC and back.


      Also what is the font issues going between Mac and Windows? Will my PS and True Type fonts work on his PC?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This is not a great workflow. There probably won't be much lost going from 5.5 to 5 since there aren't really any extra added features, just major changes, and ID is completely cross-platform as far as file format, but Mac-flavored TT and T1 fonts will be utterly useless on the PC. Stick to OpenType or Windows TT fonts.

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            DirkWilliams Level 1

            Thanks Peter, that's what I thought about the T1 fonts. Right now the book I'm working on I'm using an OpenType font, "Minion Pro". I do understand that an OpenType font can be installed on a PC and still work in the ID document.