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    Zombie <span> Tag Apocalypse!

    JaredHess Level 1

      Using RH 9 and Windows 7, 64-bit. Recently upgraded from RH 7.


      Hi Folks,


      I'm trying to survive a zombie <span> apocalypse! Here's what a portion of one of my .htm topics in my project looks like inside of the Notepad++ text editor:


      10-13-2011 10-08-13 AM.jpg


      Notice that these span tags are empty. My understanding is that tags without any attributes in them don't do anything. Right?


      Anyway, there are some 1000 emtpy <span> tags in 18 topics that don't have any attributes in them. I've checked the revision history for one of our files, and it appears that this started happening sometime after the upgrade to RH 9. The initial conversion to RH 9 didn't increase the # of <span> tags, but subsequent edits and saves to the file I checked seems to be causing it.


      For example in this revision history view from Mercurial, it shows a single change from one revision to the next revision. Notice the increase in tags:


      10-13-2011 10-18-56 AM.jpg


      Does anyone know what's causing this? There was no visual indication this was happening inside the WYSIWYG editor in RH. It's only now when we submitted the files for localization, that our localization department ran into them when preparing this project for localization. Here's what they saw:

      10-12-2011 5-24-38 PM.jpg


      Any ideas why this is happening and on how to fix it? To fix it, I'm thinking of doing a Find and Replace across my project in Notepad++ and removing any empty <span> tag, and then opening the project back up inside of the RH editor. I'm hoping this would then remove the closing unmatched </span>?