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    Text Popup sizing looks good in RH8.0.0.203 preview, not so much when generated

    stl_writer Level 1

      Hi, I added a text-only popup to Topic_X. When I preview Topic_X in RH--or if I simply click the saved Topic_X.htm source file--and click the popup, it looks fine.


      However, when viewing the text popup in the generated Topic_X.htm file (or inside the generated help project), the popup does not look right. See images below.


      I looked at the popup code, as well as at the code in the topic that contains the popup, but I do not see anything that looks like it should cause this problem. Resizing the screen had no effect.


      What am I missing?  I know from searching these forums that there were some other popup issues in RH8, but they did not sound quite like this text-popup problem. Am I mistaken? Do I need to run some sort of "Fixer"? 


      Thanks in advance,




      Using:  RH8.0.0.203