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    Javascript error when viewing IE 8 (autosizing popup)

    Ms. Monette1129

      Experiencing script error in IE8 when trying to display webpage created in Robohelp 8. The problem does not exist on other computers in my office.

      This function was working and now it is not.


      Do I need to change my code some how? I have already tried to reset default setting and deleted some additional tool bar that were added.


      I don't know if this problem is with IE8 or Robohelp 8.


      At a lost....PLEASE HELP!!!


      error reads


      Script Error ! An error has occured in the scirpt on this page.

      Line 1122

      Char 3

      Error  'innerWidth' is undefined

      Code )

      URL: file///C:/Courtroom_Services/ehlpdhtm.js



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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi and welcome to the community,


          First of, what output are you creating? I assume WebHelp.


          Have you tried regenerating your project? What happens if someone else logs onto your pc and views the web page?


          The error you are seeing suggests that you are not using IE, since the innerWidth is not used for IE browsers. Are you using a rendering plugin such as chrome frame? Also, what happens when you try the webhelp in a different browser?





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            Ms. Monette1129 Level 1

            Thanks for responding...


            Yes, output is Webhelp.


            I have generated my project with every change. When a different user uses

            my pc the autosize popup windows work.'


            I need discover that IE does not support innerwidth, with is in my file

            eHlpDtm.js (a file in RoboHelp)


            I am not aware of using a rendering plugin such as chrome frame.


            Webhelp works fine in Mozilla.


            Any suggestion how to fix the problem in IE8



            Ms. Monette

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