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    Auto page break

    graham newman

      appology: Sorry if this has been discussed but I have not found anything. Probably because I don't know the terminology for this function. If i did i would have found the answer on google by now instead of bothering you!


      software: indesign cs3 on mac 10.5.8


      background: So, I have this 70 page document full of questions and answers. They flow from page to page. I've got the text as a paragrah style called 'q&a section' and the questions as another called 'questions'.


      problem: i don't want questions sitting by themselves at the bottom of a page.


      question: Is there some way in my styles to make the questions stay with the answers so that if the text frame is not going to fit both a question and it's answer then it breaks to next page. see attached screengrab.


      Picture 3.png

      many thanks in advance. Graham.