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    Can I burn to DVD with 5.1 surround sound in PE10 ?


      I am trialling PE10 to see if it does what I want.

      I have created a small project based on the AVCHD HD 5.1 project preset and have imported a few music videos with ac3 files for the audio.

      When I play the videos in the application the surround sound is working fine.

      I have burned the project to DVD, but when I play the DVD on my DVD player (connected to hifi) I do not get sound going to my surround speakers, only to the front and centre/subwoofer speakers.

      I have tried other project presets and creating an audio 5.1 channel by importing an ac3 file and adding it above all the tracks.  The problem with this is that the surround sound does not work properly in the application, and I have checked the audio preferences and played about with the settings.


      So, my question is can I burn a project with 5.1 audio to DVD to be played on a DVD player?