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    Flex Mobile - Display image full screen and swipe to next image

    VivD Level 1

      How does one implement an image gallery similar say an Android or iPhone image gallery. I'm new to Flex so any help/guidance would be appreciated.


      Here's what I am trying to do:-

      1. I fetch thumbnail images from a site through an API

      2. I then display them in a tiled layout.

      3. When user taps on an image I fetch the full resolution image and display it in full screen. So far so good.


      The problems start now...

      4. I want the user to be able to swipe to bing up the next image or previous image in the gallery. I could call the API (API only allows bringing in high resolution images one at a time) to fetch the next image on GESTURE_SWIPE event and refresh the view to display it but the user experience isn't all that great that way as the user has to wait a bit for every single image.


      So I tried to create a horizontally layed out list but faced 2 problems(I just harcoded an arraycollection of images. Getting the actual data into the array is a separate problem):-

      1. I have not been able to display the image full screen once I place it in a list.

      2. I just harcoded the resolution and managed to show it full screen but swiping causes the list to keep going. It does not stop at the next image. Is there a setting to stop that behaviour?


      I've been stuck at this point for 2 days and haven't been able to find an answer anywhere so I'm hoping i'll get some help/direction here.