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    Support HTTP Live Streaming


      Dose anyone know OSMF support the HTTP live streaming yet?

      I am new to OSMF.  Any information will help!


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          if you pull from trunk or use 1.6.1 it will. The OSMF 1.6 release it did not.


          However its important to note HLS only works on AIR 3 for iOS.


          There is a nifty plugin through that enables you to use HLS for normal Flash/AIR applications outside of iOS.


          It can be found here: http://code.google.com/p/apple-http-osmf/wiki/PageName

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            audcaic Level 1

            Hi David,


            Thanks for the reply.  Yes, i was refereing to the apple version of http live streaming.  Do you know any plan to add the apple version's to the OSMF in the future?  The link you send to me definitly will help.


            BTW: if you are the David from RealEyes, I saw you in the educational video a lot in last week:-) 


            Thanks for the help - Cathy

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              David_RealEyes Level 1

              Hey Cathy,

              I am David from RealEyes!


              I dont know if I am following your question completely. OSMF is for actionscript only so will never work natively on iOS except in an AIR for iOS application.


              If you want to do something in the browser check out the Strobe player. It has HTML 5 fallback for iOS and can make for an easy to use video player for browsers (mobile or desktop). In the latest release they have a bunch of cool mobile stuff as well.


              In the OSMF User Group last month they did a presentation on it that was recorded and talks about the HTML 5 support: http://osmf.groups.adobe.com/

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                audcaic Level 1

                Hi David,


                I am using osfm for flash application, however i need to deal with the apple httpstreaming.  


                I just joined the user group you just pointed out for me.  I will check the recorded video.


                Thanks again and have a nice weekend. - cathy

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                  nick.doyle Level 1

                  Hi David, I've seen your (and RealEyes') stuff around.

                  We too want to play back HLS in OSMF, and not only within iOS.

                  Matthew Kaufman's code is a start, but apparently needs to be ported to the new version of OSMF (as well as potentially some bugfixes).

                  I'm currently looking to enlist someone to do this work and have a thread here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4053672#4053672

                  I have had some contact with an experienced flowplayer dev, but he doesn't have time atm.

                  I'm not sure if you would be interested in doing this?