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    InDesign FLA looping content in Flash

    gflores@wwmach.com Level 1

      Hi everyone, I hope you can help me with this problem. I gotta say I'm a new Flash user.


      I created a 3-page file in InDesign CS5. On page 2, I created a graphic with roll over elements. On page 3, a slideshow using the multi-state feature, assigning a button to go to the next state and so on.


      When I export this file directly to SWF everything works fine. The problem is when I export it to FLA.


      When I open it in Flash, it creates a 3-frame document. I placed a stop command on each frame so that it won't loop. No problem there.


      The problem is with the aformentioned elements (the rollovers and the slideshow). They loop and I don't know how to stop them because they don't appear in the timeline.


      Remember I'm a newbie so any explanation needs to be dumbed down a bit.


      Thanks in advanced.