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    Unable to read RAW files


      I cant read CR2 Raw Files files in Photoshop CS3. I have tried to download the relevent plug-in from Adobe which is version 4.6. I think I am downloading it but a box comes up saying WinRAR in not free and giving an option to buy now. I have clicked close and still cannot read my files in photoshop. Do I need to buy WinRAR or am I doing something else wrong? Please Help...

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          MTSTUNER Level 6

          Which canon camera are the cr2 files from?





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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            You absolutely should not need to buy WinRAR to download a Photoshop update.  You probably installed an evaluation version of WinRAR then it expired, after having tied itself to one of the file types used in the update package.  I'd suggest uninstalling WinRAR.

            But you shouldn't have to download anything special to update Photoshop CS3...  Just go into Help - Updates and see if it will automatically update everything.



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              SallyBur Level 1

              Thanks for your help - they are from the 7D.

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                SallyBur Level 1

                Will give that a go - I dont think I have actually installed WinRAR, it was just the option they were giving me. All I know is that I have tried to download the correct plug in and I still cant open RAW files into Photoshop. I went into Help in Photoshop and was told 'no updates available at this time'


                Have worked out that it is version 5.6 that I need to download - each time I try is when the WINRAR box comes up - not being sure whether I downloaded it or not I then go into Photoshop and still cannot read RAW files. Dont think it is supposed to be this complicated.

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                  MTSTUNER Level 6

                  You won't be able to use the 5.6 camera raw plugin in cs3, the newest one that works for cs3 is 4.6.

                  You would need the 6.5 dng converter which converts your files to copies in the dng format which can then be opened cs3

                  using the 4.6 camera raw. I guess your on a windows machine?











                  Were you able to install the 4.6 camera raw plugin? If in cs3 you look under Help>About Plug-In>Camera Raw

                  that should say the version you have installed.


                  I guess you got that message about winrar when trying to unzip the downloaded 4.6 camera raw plugin?





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                    SallyBur Level 1

                    I looked in Help>About Plug-in>Camera Raw and yes, it says I have the 4.6 version.


                    I have already done exactly as you said - I have downloaded the 6.5 dng converter and I am currently converting them into dng format and then opening them into Photoshop - thanks for this as I thought I had done the wrong thing!


                    Still dont quite get the Winrar bit but yes, that sounds like you could be right.


                    I am a photographer and I was talking to another photographer who originally told me to download the plug in but he said he didn't need the dng converter, which is why I assumed I had done the wrong thing.


                    Why cant I open them straight into photoshop - is it because I need a newer version of photoshop?


                    Thanks for your help!

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                      JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Photoshop does not have the capability by itself to open raw files.  Those files need to be interpreted by Camera Raw, and that interpretation is what is sent to Photoshop.  Support must be added for each individual camera.  And Camera Raw is only updated for the correct version of Photoshop.  Rather than "force" you to upgrade to have support for your camera, Adobe provides the free DNG converter.  You just don't get all the improved features that are inherent in the newer versions of Camera Raw.

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                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                        Said another way, Adobe stops adding new camera support to older versions of Photoshop when they release new ones.



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                          Level 4

                          My advice would be to upgrade Photoshop ASAP so you can use a more advanced version of Camera Raw (ACR).


                          Sure, the DNG Converter allows you to have DNG files that can be opened by ACR 4.6 hosted by Photoshop CS3, but you're leaving a lot of image quality on the table if you open (convert) those DNGs with ACR 4.6 as opposed to ACR 5.7 hosted by Photoshop CS4 or ACR 6.5 hosted by Photoshop CS5.  ACR 6.5 has some improvements over ACR 5.7, but ACR 5.7 is light years ahead of the version you are using, 4.6.


                          As I just said, 6.5 is even better, but working with anything lower than ACR 5.7 is pathetic, in my personal opinion.

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                            SallyBur Level 1

                            Thanks for your help - written in language I can understand!


                            So, for now, until I can update Photoshop I am having to open the converted DNG files into photoshop one at a time - is this right?


                            When using Jpegs I was opening a number of file at a time and then working on them one by one but it doesn't seem to open up more than one at a time.

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                              Noel Carboni Level 8

                              You can open more than one DNG file at a time.  Drag more than one of them at a time into Photoshop, as one example of how to do it, and they'll open up in Camera Raw like this, with each image showing a thumbnail along the left edge.





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                                SallyBur Level 1

                                Great! Will save me a lot of time - thanks!