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    problem updateDisplayList in itemRenderer




      I directed at you, because I'm a little lost.

      (Sorry for my English)



      I'm relatively new to Flex and I'm finding some

      problems, which I try out.

      One of the biggest I have is the following:


      I made a custom chart, from a

      <mx:LineChart> with different rendereres. In the method

      updateDisplayList () for each one, drawing the elements that need.


      The graph contains data of a measure, for the last 3 months

      but only shows 20 days. You can scroll through the graph

      clicking an arrow I added outside of the graph.


      When I create the graph, passed several times by the updateDisplayList ();

      CustomAxisHorizontalRenderer (2 times)

      CustomAxisVerticalRenderer (2 times)

      CustomGridRenderer (1 time)

      CustomCircleItemRenderer (40 times for the 40 data

      I have three months)


      Not because he needs to spend 40 times by the

      CustomCircleItemRenderer.updateDisplayList if I only see 10 data, and if

      is because when I move one day backward, re-

      call again around the same time renderers.


      Not if you have something to do with cacheAsBitmap or invalidateDisplayList

      I am not using.


      All this is making the application (and I use this component

      enough) is slow, and I this desperate with Flex.


      Hopefully you can help me