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    TOC in Master Page looses PDF interactivity


      I am trying to create an interactive PDF of a manual that is composed of multiple documents. I created a book with a number of documents and wanted to create a navigation that looks like binder tabs on the right side of the page.


      I am placing a TOC with my main chapters in my master page accross multiple documents in a book to simulate those tabs (like in a physical binder). I checked the option to "create PDF bookmarks" and the interactivty works fine from the beginning of one chapter (document in the book) to the next. However is I go a page further into the chapter (i.e. page 2 of that document) the TOC isn't interactive anymore and all I can do is highlight the text. It seems like even though the TOC is on a master page and therefore visible on every page, it only holds its interactivity properties on the first page of the document. Any ideas how to carry that though?