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    Printed Artefacts matching frame and placed graphics edges

    Pebblesculpt Level 1

      I've been experiencing occasional problems outputting PDF files to printers - somtimes strange thin lines, always either horizontal or vertical, appear as extras to the printed image but are never visible in the PDF.


      Most recently I created a poster that was a bit complex: several PSD files were masked and placed together; the PSDs were Placed in an Illustrator file which itself was then Placed in the final InDesign document to add some text. When printed it looked fine until the 'BIG' printer was used - then it developed these artefacts. The lines appeared around what appeared to be two out of twelve of the PSD files, at the right edge of a frame in InDesign and at the very last pixel of a title text in the Illustrator file.


      These things don't appear on screen. Can anyone explain them or advise where to look for a way to prevent them?


      Many thanks.