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    how  to make the lines of a grid shine ?


      hey y'all im working on a project in which i have a solid(as a ground) on which i applied the effect grid.....my problem is that


      1 - i want to make the lines of the grid shine like if i applied a glow effect but just to the lines...

      2 - make the shine be progressive like if there was a flow, an "evolution",  the shine has to be dynamic(for eg : like the lines of glow on a suit of a TRON LEGACY Movie character)


      thank you for helping me giving me clues

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Glows are easily achieved by duplicating a layer, applying something like Fast Blur and changing the blend mode to Add. Do this 4 or 5 times with the first duplicate blurred 4 or 5 pixels and the last blurred maybe 20 pixels. You'll end up with a nice glowing grid.


          Pre-compose those layer and try applying the CC Light Sweep effect.


          If you  want something where the little energy spikes that travel across the grid are random that will take a bit more work. It would involve construction the grid from multiple layers rather than a single solid with the grid effect applied. You'd then apply CC light sweep to each layer individually and animate the center position of the light sweep.