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    "save as' feature is not working in printmaster application


      I am using Acrobat X. When I try to use "save as PDF" in the  Printmaster application. I receive an error message "unable to initialize PDF print driver. I am trying to save not

      print. Is there a driver I should be installing?

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          CtDave Level 5

          From beat'n the bushes with the search engine -- 


          PrintMaster 16, on Windows 7, cannot use the "Save As PDF" option because the Broderbund supplied (e.g., *not* an Adobe/Acrobat critter) PDF Converter that is included is not compatible with Windows 7.
          PrintMaster 16 cannot use the Broderbund PDF Creator 3.0 that is installed with later versions of PrintMaster. 


          So, there are some variables here; none of which are Adobe/Acrobat related.
          --| the Windows OS in use

          --| the version of PrintMaster in use
          --| the Broderbund PDF Creator tool


          It appears to distill to an issue with the Broderbund supplied process; as such, forums with a focus on PrintMaster may be a better place to seek resolution of the issue. 


          With Acrobat X installed you should have the Adobe Printer installed. If so, you could try a File > Print operation and select the Adobe Printer for printing a PDF file.
          If this works you may want to look at the various Distiller job options and play with them to adjust how the PDF is processed. 


          [added note: While your post is in the Adobe Reader forum you've indicated that you have Acrobat X in use. If Acrobat X is not installed and only Adobe Reader is available you will not have the Adobe Printer / Distiller / PDFMaker as Reader does not provide any PDF creation mechanism.]


          Be well...


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            luey48 Level 1

            Thank you. I will investigate all of your suggestions