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    Looking to replace a Flash Slideshow/Banner with something more universal

    Lon Winters Level 4

      This site has a Flash Slideshow banner thingie -




      - that I wouls like to replace with something jQuery or other AJAXie solution for the obvious reasons of cross-platform compatibility. I've seen a few sites, well, many many sites that do this i some fashion or another and my next step is to go digging through the code to see what's being used and how. But I thought I'd start here first to maybe get a head start if anyone can point me to any scripts or solutions.


      The requirements are pretty basic, but they are requirements. From experience, I know that a lot of these scripts can maybe do 3 out of 4 things out of the box, but that 4th thing can end up being troublesome. So it needs to -


      • Rotate through a set of images with the ability to set the time between transitions
      • Transitions can be simple fades, the blurring effect is optionsl
      • Optional place links on images
      • Some way to manually advance to another image - thumgnmail, other image, whatever.
      • Toolyiip on rollover of these advance buttons/images
      • AND - somewhat easy to update. The person doing the updating has no trouble with getting into the code view and updating image names and links, etc.


      Anyone have any favorite solutions for this?  Thanks!