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    Streaming live videos on flex mobile

    Gustavo Duenas Level 1

      Hi I have a flex mobile application targeting the mobile tablets and I was wondering if you guys know of any tutorial

      about putting live feed videos on flex, I have this code that I'm using on my flex 3 to target mac and pc that uses on adobe air, the services of ustream.tv


      here it is.


      But when I try to use it on flex mobile, nothing happens..


      import tv.ustream.viewer.logic.*;

                import tv.ustream.viewer.logic.Display;

                import tv.ustream.viewer.logic.Logic;

                import tv.ustream.net.Connection;


      private var viewer:Logic = new Logic();

      public function videoViewer():void{





                 viewer.createChannel("4705238", true, null);




      this one works flawlesly on flex 3 and spark, but no in flex mobile, there is another way to read an rmtp on flex mobile?