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    Is it possible to load Nook books in ADE?




      My Nook account and ADE are registered to the same email address. I bought a Nook book from bn.com and tried to read it on my computer but I keep getting an error:


      Document is licensed for a different user account


      Can someone help ? Is it not possible to read Nook books on ADE ?





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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          ADE 1.7 no, however you can with the Beta of ADE 1.8 that i on labs.adobe.com.  You will be asked for your username and password.  Your user name will be the name as it appears on your credit card, and the password will be the full 16 digits of your creditcard.

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            shoffer77 Level 1

            ADE 1.8 will let you read it, but you will not be able to load it onto your device as yet. They are still working on that. I also have this problem and read the 1.8 version info before trying to download it, cuz I want to put it on my device not read it on my comp. To put it on my device I either use the Nook application or open the nook device containing folder and drop it into appropriate folder.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              Before this goes too far, let's put the proper disclosure into the



              DRM is the implementation of the Digital Millenium Copyright act of 2000.

              That's the law.  If you try to remove DRM protection from an epublication,

              you will be violating the law, and there are some pretty stiff penalties

              including jail time if you're caught.  More to the point, your ethics are

              screwed up if you think that you can break the law just because of some

              technical consideration or because you think that DRM should not apply to



              Next up is the question: does ADE interact with Nook ebooks from B&N?  It's

              not just a question of the implementation of DRM by B&N in Nook ebooks.

              B&N has added some features to THEIR ebook software that aren't in the

              standard .epub format.  ADE doesn't have access to B&N's selection of

              ebooks, so ADE can't interact with them.  So, what are you talking about?