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    combobox containing checkbox

      can anyone tell me why does flex behaves weirdly..i want to embed few checkboxes in the combobox..I got it also but the thing is that when the checkboxes are in the unchecked state they behave differently...and behave differently in checked state....What i want is that when they are in the unchecked state i want it look as if they are in the checked state(remember excluding the check mark)...Did you get it..or try this code and tell me how to do...please help

      public var comboData:Array = ["abc","xyz","pqr"];
      <mx:ComboBox id="cmb" x="54" y="31" dataProvider="{comboData}" width="151">

      <!-- <MyComp:myCheckBox/> -->
      <mx:CheckBox textRollOverColor="red" mouseDown="if(this.selected == true) this.selected = false else this.selected = true">

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          ntsiii Level 3
          First, this is not a FlexBuilder question, so it should have been posted in the "General Discussion" forum instead of here.

          Next, Your dataProvider does not contain a property for the checkBox state. This will cause problems when you scroll.

          Third, I do not understand what you are trying to do with that conditional logic. And why in the MouseDown event? Can you explain further how you want the checkbox to look/behave?

          Finally, I am more likely to run your code if it is a full example.

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            RajeshBhadra Level 1
            I was in little bit in hurry to get my problem solved so posted there..
            Anyways i got the functionality what i wanted..Thanks for your reply..