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    Buttons: show/hide feature




      I thing I know what the answer to my question will be, but I'm hoping that one of you InDesign gurus out there can provide me with a different answer to my question.


      I'm putting together an interactive PDF of a directory of helpful links related to different topics. The topics are buttons that the user will click on that will display off to the side a list of links and their titles that can be either clicked on (hyperlink) or copied and pasted to an email. I've created the list of links as separate objects and to display each of these objects, I've converted them to buttons and used the Show/Hide buttons feature on the topic buttons so that when a topic button is clicked on, it will display that list of links to that topic. It works fine, but of course, now that the link lists are buttons, they can't be copied and worse yet, can't be clicked on to access the web page from that link. Obviously, by converting my link lists to buttons so that they can be displayed when the topic button is clicked, I've lost the capability of the link list to do what it was supposed to do.


      The obvious solution would be to use object states, so that I maintain the original function of the link list for copying and accessing the web page of the link, but my reason for not using object states is that I don't want the output in a SWF file, which is the only way to use object states. Another solution would be to use separate pages to display each topic link list, but my concern about that is possible increase in overall file size if I have so many pages. Finally, I noticed that Adobe Acrabat has a show/hide layers feature that might work for my purpose, but I like the button creation of InDesign better.


      Is there any other way to accomplish what I want done other than the above solutions, or am I just going to have to settle for one those solutions?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.