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    ADE does not recognize Sony PRS-T1


      Hi All,


      First time post regarding ADE and my first ereader.  I am using Windows Vista.


      The Sony PRS-T1 is in the list of devices supoorted by ADE, but it just isn't being recognized. I have tried opening the ADE before and after plugging the ereader in, but no luck.  I have also tried getting ADE to recognize it whilst the PRS is in "Data Transfer Mode", and also whilst it is in "normal mode", also with no joy.


      I had ADE installed on my PC long before I ever got an ereader, and loaded some ebooks into it. Would this be an issue?  ADE is also having issues with the Sony Reader software.  The Sony Reader will load the ebooks, but with an "expired" tag and you can't open it, preseumably because I can't link it through ADE.





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          Lirillo998 Level 1

          Thanks for the reply.  The clock on the Reader is set up correctly, and using the ADE link provided on the Sony website just goes to the usual ADE download and registration page. The Sony Reader is fully recognized by the provided Sony Ereader software and the PC. However, the Sony Reader software is lametable, don't use it!!! It drove me nuts by placing multiple copies of "expired" books (which I actually own) onto my Reader every time I used it, and deleting them were not obvious. I've simply disabled it now.


          After going through some other forums, I've come to the conclusion that, although listed, the T1 is not actually compatible with ADE yet.  You will have to use another programme to get your ebooks onto the T1 (DM me if you want to know the programme, or just do a simple Google search).  You can sucessfully download and read ADE-protected library ebooks through the Reader's browsers, which is good... but a bit odd.

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            I am having the same issue. ADE will not recognise the PRS-T1. I am in Australia, so I can't use a Sony Store account to help register the Reader.

            Any advice on other software to use would be great.

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              Lirillo998 Level 1

              You can get free ebooks directly onto the T1 by downloading them

              through the Reader's browser, from such sites as Project Gutenberg.


              "Calibre" is an excellent free-ware programme that provides support for

              the T1, and will successfully get your ebooks from your PC onto the

              Reader.  If you want to get your ADE-protected ebooks on, you will need

              to email me at jub_jub_bird@hotmail.com, and I will tell you.  It

              requires some "tweaking".

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                Nanna_K2 Level 1

                Thanks. Managed to get Reader for pc set to Australia in preferences. Trader is authorised now. Calibre looks like a great program.

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                  Lirillo998 Level 1

                  Sony has released a new version of their Reader software.  It allows

                  (rather, demand) you to register to the Reader bookstore, which is not

                  very useful for me, as I live outside of North America, and the actual

                  Reader will not go the US/Can store through its own browser.


                  ADE still does not recognize the T1 I don't know whether to lay the

                  blame at Adobe's or Sony's door.

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                    Hi Lirillo998


                    I'm not seeing the PRS-T1 in the ADE list of compatible devices (up to the previous model the PRS-650).  Adobe is clearly slow adding it to its list of what's recognised by the ADE.  But yes, changing the setting in the Sony Reader for PC from US to Australia helps.  Still a pain to have to upload your ACSM file to ADE, then import it into the Sony Reader for PC, then sync that with your PRS-T1.  What a process!  Aargh.  Add to that only US and Canadian residents can register their eReaders...Australia must be at the bottom of the world or something...

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                      Lirillo998 Level 1



                      I was able to get the DRM-ebooks directly into the Sony Reader software

                      after setting up a Store account (this got the T1 authorized), without

                      doing anything with ADE.  However, I still recommend using Calibre.


                      Adobe must have removed the T1, as it was listed previously.


                      Good luck!

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                        KLMyers Level 1

                        I just got out of a long chat session with Sony after having gone through a (clueless) list of "try this". 


                        Sony is not consistent with their feedback (some think the PRS-T1 is recognizable by ADE, others don't), but I think the consensus now is that it is NOT supported by ADE.  ADE used to list it as supported (I did my homework before buying the device -- too bad both Adobe and Sony misled me).  My older PRS-650 is still supported fine.


                        The Sony eReader/library SW is poor.  Weak and featureless as ADE is, it's much better than that.  Besides, the non-Kindle crowd (IMHO) wants device-agnostic library software.  I treat ADE as my central repository on one well-backed-up PC.


                        Some suggestions...


                        0) Before doing anything, open the Sony eReader software WITHOUT your PRS-T1 attached.  Go to Edit/Preferences and turn OFF the startup-when-device-attached option.  The attempt to auto-synch is maddening and causes some of the difficulties mentioned above.  Then read up on "Synchronization" which is the only way now to load the device.  The older version of the Sony eReader SW (for my PRS-650) didn't have these issues and was much better -- alas, it doesn't recognize the PRS-T1, or I'd use it..


                        1) Use the Sony eReader/library SW for the eBookstore (your country permitting).  I load the purchased ePubs into ADE (for my permanent library and my other device).  For the PRS-T1, I can load them directly via the eReader SW.  I believe this works for DRM ePubs purchased elsewhere, too.


                        2) For free ePubs, download them and add them to ADE in the usual way (central repository).  Then add them to the PRS-T1 using the Sony eReader SW.


                        3) I haven't dealt with library/loan situations.



                        QUESTION: Any idea when the PRS-T1 will be supported by ADE?  Sony disclaims any knowledge.




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                          KLMyers Level 1

                          I wasn't clear....


                          To load ePubs purchased from the Sony eBookstore, use the Sony eReader to purchase them and see them auto load onto the PRS-T1.  (I also take note of where they are stored so I can load them into ADE).


                          To load ePubs from anywhere else, including DRM ePubs (at least the ones I've tried), use the Sony eReader and File/Import File to load them onto the PRS-T1.


                          To load ePubs from anywhere onto older Sony devices, use ADE.

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                            Adobe claims that the PRS-T1 is supported by ADE. It is on the list of devices they provide. I have had the same problem of my PRS-T1 not being recognized. I have updated firmware and the latest versions of both ADE and Sony Reader Library. Using Windows 7.


                            I second KLMyers suggestion of using Sony Reader Library software instead of ADE for the PRS-T1. I was able to use the SRL to download and then transfer library ebooks to my Reader with the Sync option in SRL. If you only have a Sony Reader using the Sony Reader Library software may be best for you.


                            Sony's website states that a separate install of ADE is no longer required for using ePub files--that Sony Reader Library can handle them directly. This has been true in my case, including the library books I just checked out from Freading.com. (Note: Overdrive library books are supported directly through the eReader and do not have to be downloaded to your PC first.)


                            Good luck.

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                              KLMyers Level 1

                              Using the Sony Reader Library software works, but encourages the use of a device-dependant library application.  The whole point of ADE is to be device agnostic, and I hate to give up on it because it has not been updated.  I would go to other device agnostic applications (e.g., Calibre) first (and may have to) to keep my device brand options open.