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    Error trying to open PDF in AIR Flex application

    Neal Hudson

      We are having a problem with one user of our AIR Flex application trying to open a PDF within it.


      The application has a content view panel - within here we show PDF / Flash content. We have maybe a dozen users testing it out, and one user cannot view the PDF content - he gets the following error: "There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found."


      He is using Reader x (10.1.1). We put in some debuging to write out the location of the PDF file just before the application tries to open it. The location appears to be fine - if I copy that out and put the address into the taskbar (we're all using Windows 7), the PDF opens fine. We've also tried copy the local storage folder for the AIR app from his machine, the application works fine on my machine (as in it can open the PDF. There doesn't appear to be a problem with the location of the PDF, or standalone Reader opening the file, only from within our AIR Flex app (for this one user)


      I'm a little stumped. Any ideas?