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    Succesive degradation of project meaning in Flash


      Hi everybody.


      Previous versions of Flash has used FLP files to keep projects. I could double click on it to open project in Flash. Now it is impossible, they replaced this great functionality by hidden file impossible to open by double click. Moreover, using file explorer available after “open project” command doesn’t show whether opened folder contains project or not. Very often I’m forced to repeat a couple of times to open folder by folder from disk root to find proper one which contains project I meant. 


      Switching between multiple projects become a nightmare. Only 6 projects can be displayed on the list.


      Next degradation appeared in version 5.5 of Flash. Now projects created in version 5 not working! External locations added to projects are not included in compile time. Does anybody know what is intention of Adobe? Does another technology pretend to be  successor of Flash?