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    Multi-camera - Cannot synchronize camera clips (Clip > Sequence disabled)


      I'm trying to create a new Multicam sequence with 3 clips of an event shot on 3 different cameras, but cannot synchronize the camera clips in my new sequence. Here's what I did:


      First, I loaded one camera clip into the Source window. I located the hand clap near the beginning of the clip, and set Clip Marker #1 at that timecode in the clip. I repeated this for the other 2 camera clips.


      Once I had set Marker #1 at the hand clap in each of the 3 clips, I created a new sequence named "Aligned." I added each of these 3 clips to this sequence. Then I selected all 6 clips (3 Video, 3 Audio) in this sequence, and dropped down the Clip menu to choose Synchronize. Unfortunately, Synchronize was disabled (greyed out) in the Clip dropdown menu.


      I loaded each of the camera clips into the Source window and confirmed that they all have Marker #1 at the correct timecode position (the hand clap).


      I'm new to PPro, so I tried to follow the instructions in the PPro online help page, Multi-camera sequences. What would cause Clip > Synchronize to be disabled, and how do I get past this?