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    Premiere pro working with after effects

    cjacs987654 Level 1

      Dear All,


      I have an 'off line media' problem that I can create every time.(cs5)


      This is what I do:



      1. Create a after effects composition

      2. Create a premier pro project

      3. IMport the AE at 1 above into the bin

      4. Drop the comosition onto the timeline

      5. Playback, all is ok

      6. Save and close



      7. Open Premier pro again


      The After effects composition on the timeline is red and marked media offline.


      The media is not offline and have confirmed in windows explorer. In fact all files are on the same HD

      I havent renamed,moved or deleted obvoiusly


      I can delete and re-add but thats silly evfery time I start PPro




      Whats happening?





      Chris Anderson