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    Problem with sharpness in InDesign


      Hello all,


      First off all abit of intruducion from me, Im Roel Swanenberg, I'm doing sometimes abit of design for my dad. think about making folders, supply photo's etc.


      Since one week i'm using Adobe InDesign to create folders, before I used Photoshop to create folders, yes that is true.


      When I was using Photoshop, I just simply made a new document, entered the document dimensions of a horizontal A4 document, and started.

      When I finished my design, I exported it to a PDF, and with the PDF we printed the folders from a High Quality printer, and they were allways perfect, atleast in sharpness of pictures and text.


      One week ago someone told me I should make folders in InDesign, so I started working around with InDesign, i'm now one week further and realy enjoy InDesign for making folders.

      So I decided to make the new folder for my dad's company in InDesign. I made a new document, A4 Horizontal 2 pages. First I enterd the standard template wich I made in Photoshop and saved it in InDesign.

      The first thing I saw was that the whole document missed alot of AA. I thought maybe its for the design or what so ever. So I carried on. I added some professional photo's with the .tiff extension, added some text, and voila, a new folder was born. Atleast thats what I thought. So I exported the InDesign document to a PDF. When i openend the PDF the whole document was blurry. Well I thought lets just try to print it and compare the printed document with exsiting folders that I've made in Photoshop.


      So I printed them and compared them, I was like I cant even read the text on the folder wich I made in InDesign, while the folder wich I made in Photoshop is really good to read.

      Also the pictures, they are not sharp at all. So now im wondering, Why are my folders made in Photoshop 100% sharp, and my folders made in InDesign blurry as hell.


      Does anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong?


      I hope someone knows a answer to my problem.



      EDIT: BTW I'm using a Macbook Pro running Mac os X 10.7.2



      Roel Swanenberg

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          Grant H Level 4

          Hi R.


          there are so many factors from your workflow that could be the cause. From importing or placing images,  managing the links, export profile settings and so on.


          this question is a lot more to do with graphic design 101 than a particular problem or distinct piece of advice. (hence no-one responding here)


          goto lynda.com, and check out the many tutorials. I'm sure that is the best thing for you... you really need to grasp the basics on InDesign, or even advice you get here may be confusing.



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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            What you haven't provided us is what settings you used for exporting PDF form InDesign. If you used the PDF (interactive) export option with default settings, your imagery is being downsampled tremendously to 72dpi. If you used the PDF (print) export option with either the PDF/X-4:2008 or High Quality Print joboptions which downsample images to 300dpi only if they exceed 450dpi, it is very unlikley you are going to see any degradation.


            Tell us more about exactly how you are creating PDF and we can better assist you.


                      - Dov

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              RSwanenberg Level 1



              Thans for the response, the problem actually was that I exported the PDF as interactive as Dov mentioned.

              So I Exported the InDesign now to PDF Print, and everything is perfect now.


              I even printed it now, and its perfect. Thanks for the answers!


              Roel Swanenberg