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    RoboHelp Office X5.0.2 Update error message



      I have had to reinstall RoboHelp x5 on my pc. I have used the 'bypass Activation' exe's numerous times with no problems.

      This time when I ran the RHO13_X502.exe, the installshield gets to the Setup Status page & displays an error:

      ' Setup could not find a file on the specified path or disk.

      Pleae check that the proper disk is inserted or specify a new path.

      Unable to locate file....... RoboHelp Office X5.0.2 Update .msi'


      I can see the temp file that RoboHelp creates, but when you click on this message to retry, nothing happens. You

      do not get the option to specify a path.


      Has anyone seen this issue before? And has anyone any idea what's causing this and more importantly how to

      resolve it?

      The only other think that is different from when I've had to install RoboHelp is that we've just moved onto a new network...


      I hope someone can help!