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    InDesign (CS 5.5) won't print fonts from a file that prints correctly in CS 3

    Jo Stubbs



      I installed CS 5.5 last night and installed all of the updates (on Windows XP with SP3). I have an Okidata B4300 laser printer with Postscript 3 emulation installed. Several typefaces (both True Type and Open Type, 4 fonts tested so far) are not printing from InDesign CS 5.5, but when I open the same file in CS 3, it prints correctly. All of the fonts are installed in the Windows font folder and have worked for years. No printing errors in Photoshop CS 5.5 or in Word.


      I've been going through the "troubleshoot printing/PDF export problems in InDesign" guide, focusing on the application level. Here's what I've done so far:


      1. Restarted the program, printer, system

      2. Did a disk cleanup, defragmented the system, and ran an error check

      3. Recreated the InDesign preference files

      4. Downloaded the Adobe Universal Postscript Windows Driver


      Each time I try to print my test file, I encounter the same error--


      Error: undefined

      Offending command: @FS








      And then, in parentheses, it prints the text that should have printed.


      Does anyone know how to fix this?


      Thanks for your help.


      Jill Shultz

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          The Adobe Universal PostScript Driver was really designed for much older versions of Windows. In reality, the system is using the built-in PSCRIPT5 driver that comes with Windows. None of the steps you mention are relevant to solving this type of problem, unfortunately!


          It is possible that the problem you are experiencing is due to the fact that you don't have a reliable PostScript interpreter in your printer that fully and properly adheres to the PostScript language specification. You might try printint to a printer that has Adobe PostScript 3 as opposed to CloneScript or AlmostScript.


          Another workaround to try is to export PDF using the PDF/X-4:2008 joboptions and try printing from Acrobat and see if that remedies your problem.


                    - Dov

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            Jo Stubbs Level 1

            Thanks for the speedy reply.


            I exported the PDF using the job options you suggested, and that file printed flawlessly.


            Unfortunately, I don't have a printer with built-in Postscript 3 to test that option. Is there any other way to test the Postscript interpreter in my printer?


            Is there any easy way to eliminate the possibility of a glitch during installation?


            Thanks again,



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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              I really don't think that any “glitch” during installation is the cause of your printing problem.


              I would totally delete the current PostScript printer driver instance for your printer and install whatever PostScript driver is provided by Epson for their device. Try printing again. If that doesn't work, I really really chalk it up to bugs in the Epson printer's third party emulation of PostScript, probably in the area of dealing with fonts. There are differences in the way Adobe applications output PostScript from one version to another, usually to provide optimizations or to fix known problems. That is why you are seeing a difference in the newest version (7.5) of InDesign's printing versus the printing from a previous version (in this case, 5.0.x). Having said that, our testing in normally done on printers that are known to properly implement the PostScript language.


              I know that this isn't what you would want or like to hear, but Adobe cannot be responsible for bugs in those third party PostScript emulations. Consider that when you choose your next printing device. Please note that we certainly don't do anything to purposely trigger those problems.


              Use the export PDF and print from Acrobat method for printing. The overhead isn't that great plus you can preview what the printing will look like on the screen, possibly avoiding wasted printing.


                        - Dov

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                Jo Stubbs Level 1

                Hi Dov,


                Just to double-check: you meant delete the Adobe Universal PS Driver and reinstall the Okidata PS driver, right?


                I wasn't complaining about the situation; if there was anything in the tone of my message that pricked, I'm sorry. I know Adobe doesn't purposefully cause problems or make its software unnecessarily picky. That would be bad business. And I only asked about the possibility of a glitch because I was working with my back turned away from this CPU as it did the installation, so if there had been a momentary warning, I would likely have missed it. Glitches happen, even to the best software.


                I was asking questions hoping for another test that might provide a definitive answer. I know that doesn't always happen when troubleshooting, but it's a lovely goal, especially with the looming specter of hardware replacement.


                The Oki printer has been a workhorse under heavy use, so I wouldn't replace it unless it was really necessary. In fact, if the reinstallation of the Oki driver doesn't fix the problem, then I'll probably test all of the typefaces to see which ones work straight up and which require the PDF workaround. I might live with the problem for a while.


                Is there any info on the Adobe site about which printers implement PS correctly?


                Thanks for all of your help!



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                  Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                  (1) Delete the PostScript driver that you created for that Oki B4300 printer.


                  (2) Go to the Okidata website and download the latest PostScript driver for Windows XP and the B4300 printer. From what I can tell on that website, the file's name is 4300ESXE.EXE. Run that executable and create a driver instance.


                  (3) See if the problem still exists.


                  I did check that website to see if there were any firmware updates for that printer to fix any known bugs. There weren't any such firmware updates and since the printer has been discontinued for a while, I would not really expect any updates or fixed from Okidata at this time.


                  If the problem still occurs, your only real workaround might be to export PDF and print the PDF from Acrobat or Reader as I described previously.


                  With regards to which printers have Adobe PostScript, Adobe's website unfortunately does not have a list of these. What I can tell you is that all Ricoh printers with PostScript support have Adobe PostScript, many of the Xerox Phaser printers have Adobe PostScript (look on the data sheets for the wording “Adobe PostScript 3”), and a number of newer Canon printers with PostScript support have Adobe PostScript. Absolutely NO current Hewlett Packard LaserJets or printers from either Brother or Samsung have Adobe PostScript.


                            - Dov

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                    Jo Stubbs Level 1

                    Hi Dov,


                    That worked! All of my tests printed correctly. Every typeface printed.


                    Thank you so much for all of your time. I'll keep your recommendations in mind when it's time to upgrade my printer.