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    Versioning in Adobe Drive 3.0

    oleksandr nagornyi


      Have some problems with versioning in Adobe Drive 3.0

      'View Versions' in Bridge display icon only for current version. 'Open' version returns corrupted file.

      The same code works fine with Adobe Drive 2.6

      Did not found any differences for version handling in sdk docs 3.0


      Any suggestions?

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          Gang_Z Level 2



          Could you please share more detail information?


          Which connector are you using? the built-in ADEP, CMIS connector or a custom connector?


          What is the icon for the current version? a file system icon representing those files with the same file extension or a bitmap thumbnail? how about other versions?


          What does you mean "'Open' version returns corrupted file"? you openned the current version or the previous version? Did the application openning the version crash or you could still open the version, however the file content is incomplete?


          for your information, We never released Adobe Drive  2.6, only 2.0, 2.1, 3.0.


          Furthermore, you can create a Environment variable named "AdobeDriveLogLevel" and set its value to "DEBUG", reproduce this issue and post the logs under <userdata>\Adobe\Adobe Drive CS5\logs and \Adobe\CS5ServiceManager\logs here or send them to gzheng@adobe.com



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            oleksandr nagornyi Level 1



            This is a custom connector.


            The test file is an image. For all versions (except current) Bridge display system icons instead of thumbnails.


            It is not possible to open previous versions. There is no errors in the log. But returned file content is not complete. Sometimes Photoshop can open such file (and image is broken), sometimes failed with "Disk error" message.


            Sorry! My mistake. It was 2.1 version :)




            Connector started in eclipse environment. Issue can be reproduced right after few checkins from Photosop.


            Is it a bug or I'm doing something wrong? As I mentioned, the same connector works fine with 2.1 version. Something changed in version handling in 3.0?



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              Gang_Z Level 2



              I really wants to help you to figure this out, however I cannot reproduce this issue using the built-in ADEP and CMIS connector. furthermore, I need some log input to analyze this issue, no them, I can do nothing.


              Could you try our built-in connector to reproduce it? or you can share you connector and provide a testing server for me to connect to