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    Add/edit onClick event

    JPFive55 Level 1



      A feature in my site uses CSS/Javascript to initially hide a div on each page and reveal it when certain external links are clicked. My Contribute editors need to be able to edit the onClick event.


      so, given the following code:


      <a href="#" data-reveal-id="myModal" onClick="linkHolder='http://www.linkToExternalSite.com';">


      "linkHolder" is a variable that captures the desired url and passes it to the "pop up" div. The pop up div then has a "cancel" button and a "proceed" button. That variable is obviously passed to the "Proceed" button. (this enables me to make that pop up a server-side include vs. actually placing all that code on each page)


      Anyway, what I need is a way for Contribute users to specify the "data-reveal-id" and the "onClick" event. Possible?


      Thank You!