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    Compatability with Java 5 EE Web Services

      I am new to Flash 8. I am trying to consume a web service that is running on my Java EE 5 (GlassFish) application server. First, can anyone comment on compatability of Flash 8 with web services not created with Cold Fusion.

      I am able to connect and execute a sample web (wsdl at http://www.flash-mx.com/mm/tips/tips.cfc?wsdl).
      This works for me.

      But when I try to call a very simple service that I have defined using Java JAX-WS, I don't see a response. I have attached action script code and xml for my wsdl.

      Most samples and tutorials that I have seen so far involve web services defined in ColdFusion. However, what I need to do in my Flash 8 document is directly access a web service defined and running in Jave EE 5 environment. Does Flash 8 support this type of interoperability? Can anyone provide some hints on how to get this working?