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    InDesign CS4 (ver.6) can not package all images from afp mounted server

    Jimmy3K Level 1

      I'm experiencing an issue on multiple Intel Mac's running OS 10.6.8 when packaging files some of the server based art does not collect.

      In some folers some of the art collects and in the same folder some other files don't.

      The missing files are generally .jpg or .eps and it's a combination of these files that are not being collected.

      Images are sometimes shared between users but the missing images do not appear to be open elsewhere.

      The docuemtns are stored across several AFP mounted server hosted on a Windows 2004 Server running ExtremeZIP to allow AFP cpnnection.

      Moving the files to different volumes on the server does not appear to resolve this issue.

      Any thoughts or questions? Apologies if this isn't clear.