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    Audio is in-sync in Premiere but out-of-sync in export


      Hey everyone,


      I have two audio sources and one video source in my timeline, one is linked with the video, and one was recorded externally. The external recorder, for some reason, records ever-so-slightly slower than real-time, so even when I sync up the very beginning of the hour-long video, the end will be very slightly (but noticeably) off. To fix this, I just change the speed/duration of the externally-recorded audio so the two audio sources are in-sync with each other (and the video) for the entire show. However, this is where the problem lies.


      The speed change, I think, is just too small for Premiere. It ends up being about a 10-frame difference, so the speed % is less than 100.01. When I make the change, the audio is perfectly in sync when I just hit play in Premiere on the timeline. But, when I export to anything (H.264, WAV, etc) I think Premiere just rounds it to 100.01% exactly, because the audio is then out-of-sync. I've tried rendering audio first, then using previews in the export; deleting rendered audio and having it render in the export - nothing seems to work. In fact, even when I make small changes to the speed/duration so it sounds different in Premiere, the export will sound the same.


      Is there some setting that will allow Premiere to change the speed/duration of audio more exactly, just like when previewing in Premiere? Or am I stuck trying to figure out the exact time difference and changing the audio in an external program?


      P.S. This occurs both when exporting straight from Premiere and using AME. And CS5.